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The treatment of historic tapestries requires specific training, as they are unique structures with their own characteristics.

The underlying problem is created in the method of construction, as tapestries are hung on their weakest axis – the continuous warp threads are horizontal.

This, when combined with long-term display where they are subject to cumulative stress in an uncontrolled environment, renders them increasingly vulnerable to naturally occurring degradation processes.

The most common evidence is failure of threads across openings in the weave, as well as deterioration in the fibres and breakdown of dyes. In some cases, damage is also due to previous repairs and alterations.

The practice is experienced in undertaking cleaning and repair of tapestries, many of which are on display in stately homes and heritage organisations.

Renewal of lining and the hanging mechanisms are regularly carried out, as well as monitoring of tapestries post conservation.

If you have a tapestry that requires cleaning and/or repair, please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.