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Project Description

 Formed from silk net, this dress is reputed to have been worn at the Duchess of Richmond’s Ball in Brussels, on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815.

  1. The dress is constructed from cream silk net. It features floral motifs on the bodice and around the hem. The sleeves have silk chenille trimming. The gown was heavily soiled, creased and the net was weak having numerous holes.
  2. To enable conservation treatment to be carried out, the dress was fully documented then taken apart.
  3. The sections were wet-cleaned separately to ensure that the delicate fabric could be monitored.
  4. Each section was supported onto dyed conservation-grade nylon net. The areas of damage were secured with conservation stitching worked in mono-filament silk.
  5. The dress was reassembled using the same method of construction. A toile had been prepared to enable the conservator to test the joining of the sections before working on the dress.

Project Details