Textile Conservancy CleaningTwo forms of cleaning are available for the treatment of historic textiles: wet-cleaning with a conservation-grade detergent, or solvent cleaning, which is used when an aqueous treatment is not suited to the object. The most appropriate cleaning method is selected according to the materials of construction and condition of every object.

Solvent Cleaning 

The Textile Conservancy is able to undertake solvent cleaning for small objects.

Solvent cleaning provides an appropriate alternative to wet-cleaning when the removal of harmful soil deposits is desirable, such as oils, fats and waxes that are not soluble in an aqueous solution. The treatment is also suitable for fabrics that contain unstable dyes, water-sensitive finishes or other materials including fur, feathers and metal threads.

The cost of a solvent-cleaning treatment is individually estimated and is based on the size of the object. If you have a textile that would benefit solvent-cleaning, please contact us for an informal discussion about your requirements