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We provide a comprehensive conservation service for the preservation of textiles that have been damaged as a result of wear, long-term display, accident or poor storage. For a wide range of objects, from large scale tapestries to small costume accessories, the practice undertakes cleaning and repair, mounting for display or exhibition, as well as collection surveys and advice on preventive conservation.

Our clients include national museums, heritage and military organizations, stately homes and churches, as well as private collectors.

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The Textile Conservancy undertakes the cleaning and repair of all objects that contain a textile element. For more information regarding our services, please visit Our Services Page

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1ST Duke of Wellington 1821 Coronation Robes

Client Testimonials

Thank you for completing the work to such an exacting standard both in terms of quality ‎and aesthetics. I am thrilled that I found you and am most grateful for the care and consideration taken in such a warm, friendly and communicative fashion…a rare 21st century commodity. 

Private Client

I had been busy all morning and desperate to open the crate. So finally, I have done it with my colleague Louise, who knew what the wedding dress looked like before, and, we were both blown away! What an amazing job you have done. Thank you so much. (Late 19th Century Wedding Dress)

Val Nelson, Registrar, Jersey Museum

The two flags have arrived! They are both in excellent condition thanks to your conservation and care- and you certainly packaged them well. They look terrific!

Claire Godfrey

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